How the IT Organization of the future will drive business value – from a CIO perspective

Kirsten Renner, Head of Credit Suisse – Swiss Universal Bank IT & CIO Switzerland, and our host for this episode, Marcel Spillmann – Agile Advisor and lead of Accenture | SolutionsIQ agility service in ASG, discuss very tangible insights from Kirsten Renner. She talks about the holistic factettes of her business agility transformation experiences to get IT delivering business value by touching Leadership, Culture & People, Organizational Structures, Value Stream thinking and all this empowered by the right Architectures, Methods & Frameworks.

Enjoy this explorative talk and hear her opinions on: Which business value does IT deliver? How crucial culture and people are and where lies a resistance? Which roles do frameworks have? What opportunities she sees in changed organizational structures and alignments with business? How to treat architecture in an agile setup? And what about installing concrete methods as e.g. decentralized decision making, keeping milestones while getting agile, installing value streams and value stream budgeting.

By listening to it you also become a strategic conclusion where she does see the role of a “CIO of the future” and the risks of such big transformations.