Realizing the Value from Your Investments

In every organization it is important to prioritize the investment of funds based on an expected realization of value. Is your organization keeping a pulse on value delivered? In this Agile Amped Podcast episode Steve Davis and Ken Spangler discuss principles and patterns for value realization used at FedEx. They will have a close look at the important principles of product flow that will help leaders maintain the confidence in realizing the expected value from investments in technology and people. Ken will share the pragmatic approach FedEx has engaged to ruthlessly prioritize with focus on value realization for both customers and employees. 

Throughout his 29 years with FedEx, Ken Spangler has held the Chief Information Officer role for each of the large transportation segments of FedEx Corporation. As Chief Customer Officer of SolutionsIQ, Steve Davis is delighted to be an advocate for his customers with more than 18 years of Lean and Agile experience.