Beyond DevOps – Holistic Transformations in Uncertain Times

Stephan Lange, who leads the “Enterprise Transformation” group as a managing director in Accenture ASGR and is dedicated to scale new ways of business agility to enterprises, points out what “Beyond DevOps” means and how to achieve such a holistic transformation.

Business Agility – the ability to have an impact from top to bottom of a company – focuses on companies’ business goals by leveraging four specific areas. The primary focus is “Delivery Agility”, which includes DevOps and Agility, then “Product Innovation”, accompanied by “Leadership Effectiveness” and also not less important the “Organizational Change”. According to Stephan Lange the biggest challenges companies face are embracing new culture, training leadership, and changing globally. The key point to change is to understand each other, share the same vision, and to be pragmatic.